Claims Concierge

Claims Concierge Service

Whether it’s minor or major, claims are always stressful. Unexpected loss or damage to your valued possessions is upsetting enough, and it’s exponentially more so if there are injuries involved. We know this is the time when you need us most. In order to give you that support, we offer an in-house claims concierge service, in addition to your company assigned claims adjuster. This service will allow you to meet with your local advisor and discuss your claim with a familiar face.

If you are having trouble, we can mediate on your behalf, assist with the paperwork, and even appeal your settlement if you aren’t satisfied. It’s just another way we will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

How to submit a claim:

  • Use our online portal or mobile App (available soon)
  • Contact Us – Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm at 780-489-9750
  • Contact the after-hours emergency center:


Please confirm the insurance company listed on your policy documents and call the coinciding number listed below.













Frequently Asked Questions – Vehicle Collision:

What information should I collect?

Accident location, pictures of damage and contact information of any witnesses. Also, the third party’s name, address, phone number, vehicle description, license plate number, name of the registered owner, insurance company, and policy number.

Should I contact the Police?

Call 911 for direction if : anyone is injured, if the total damage appears to exceed $2000, or if any drivers involved appear to be guilty of a criminal code offence (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol). Otherwise, call your local police department, they may or may not dispatch an officer to the scene, if not you will be given further instructions.

What if it’s a minor collision?

As noted above, if the combined damages appear to be lower than $2000 it is not necessary to involve the police. However, you may wish to obtain a formal estimate to confirm the cost of repairs. As you do with any collision, you have the option to settle the claim privately rather going through insurance, and thus avoid potential increases to your premium if you are named at fault. This is especially relevant in the case of minor collisions, as when the cost does not exceed your insurance deductible it may not be worthwhile to submit a claim. That being said, negotiating the cost for repairs and potential medical expenses can become challenging. If either party feels their interests will be best represented by involving their insurance company, they are within their rights to do so. If you are able to reach a mutual agreement and settle the matter privately, be sure to prepare a document outlining the agreed payment, a summary of what damages it is intended to cover, who is responsible for said payment, when and how they will provide payment, and lastly clear signatures from both parties.