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    As your business grows and changes, we want to make sure that your insurance keeps up. Please complete the following checklist to help us ensure your policy continues to satisfy the needs of your business.

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    1. Has there been any changes to your business's operating name, physical or mailing address, product or service offerings, business entities or partnerships?

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    2. After reviewing your insurance renewal, can you confirm that the current coverage limits such as building limits, commercial equipment values, and contents limits are appropriate for your needs if you experience a major loss?

    Please explain:

    3. In the event that your business is faced with a lawsuit, do the included liability limits seem appropriate for your business's level of assets as well as liability exposure?

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    4. Please confirm if you require either changes to the following coverages, or the addition of these coverages if you have not previously purchased them:

    Business Contents
    ex. computers and accessories, furniture, miscellaneous supplies

    Please explain:

    Tools or Equipment
    ex. hand held tools, power tools, specialized machinery etc.

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    Cyber Breach
    ex. liability and recovery expenses due to confidential data leaks

    Please explain:

    Professional Error
    ex. liability due to faulty advertisement or professional negligence

    Please explain:

    5. Have there been any other recent changes to your business that may influence your insurance needs?

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    We also recommend completing an in-person policy review with our commercial insurance specialist every five years.

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    Are you sure? Declining regular insurance reviews can impact the results of future claims if you are found to be incorrectly insured.
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