HGA Insurance offers a suite of comprehensive insurance solutions to help mitigate threats to everything you care about: 


Home insurance is sort of like an all-encompassing blanket that wraps up your miscellaneous personal insurance needs and bundles them into one neat, tidy package. Not only does it include coverage for damage to your home, it can also cover things like liability for your premises and personal actions, damage or loss to contents while on premises or temporarily away, and even additional living costs incurred if you cannot remain in your home due to an insured loss. Besides those, there are endless endorsements you may add to further customize your policy, such as coverage for travel trailers, boats or watercrafts, and even travel insurance.

Due to the complexity of this product, the professional expertise of an insurance advisor is crucial to ensuring that your policy is right for your situation. By discussing your personal circumstances, the property you own, and the level of risk you are personally comfortable with, we will develop a tailor-made policy that is right for you.


Even though auto insurance is required by law in Alberta, that doesn’t mean all auto insurance policies are alike. In fact, the minimum requirement for auto insurance doesn’t even include coverage to your own vehicle, and that’s a pretty big deal when there are an endless number of things that can cause damage to your car. Most commonly seen is collision, but damage can also be caused by fire, theft, attempted theft, hail, vandalism and others.

Not to mention the unexpected costs that can come along with a claim, such as rental vehicle expenses, insurance premium increases due to an at fault accident, or loss of value due to the depreciation of your vehicle, surprisingly enough there are coverages that can help you with those too! With so much to choose from, getting knowledgeable advice will help you make a confident decision about your auto insurance.


Owning and operating a business can be difficult. Finding the right advice on how to insure your business shouldn’t be.

We work to understand what is important to you as a business owner, and work with you to build an understandable, cost-effective plan that you can count on. We understand that each industry comes with a special set of challenges and requirements, and pride ourselves on building the right policy for you, not just a one size fits all package. From one-man contractor operations, to international oilfield companies we have the tools and expertise to build you the best plan available.


Are you concerned that your personal assets might be threatened if you are named liable in a claim? Umbrella liability is designed to protect you from that very thing!