Your Pre-Winter Inspection Check-List

Winter driving can really test your vehicle.

To ensure its at peak performance, include the following in your pre-winter inspection;

1. Put on your winter tires when roads start to freeze and regularly maintain tire pressure over the winter months.

2. Check that your windshield wipers are in good condition and replace them if they aren’t. Keep that wiper fluid topped up, with an extra bottle on hand too!

3. Test your heat and defrost system

4. Are you lights in working order? Heavy snowfall impacts daytime visibility just as much as night, keep your lights on so that other drivers can see you!

5. What is your antifreeze level at? Top it up and aim for a 50/50 water to antifreeze ratio.

6. Complete an oil change, make sure to switch to something with the correct viscosity for the colder temperature. 

7. Take a look at your battery. If its over three years old it may be worth getting a new charge, and corrosion is a sign it should be replaced.

8. How are your brakes preforming? If your car is pulling to one side, braking feels strange, or there is a noticeable sound when braking, this may be an indication that your pads are failing and need to be replaced.

9. If you are unsure that your vehicle is up to the challenge of winter driving, schedule it in for a thorough professional inspection.


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